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In recent years, some medical organizations and many media outlets have claimed that disciplinary spanking causes emotional harm in children that predisposes them to aggressive behavior when they are older. Although parents sometimes misuse or over-use spanking, does science really show that ordinary spanking of persistently disobedient children causes irreparable harm?
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Can monkeys form gangs and terrorize people? Just ask the residents of Gibraltar where a pack of 25 macaques have broken into hotels through open windows, vandalized rooms, and have been seen rummaging through garbage in the center of town.
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Just Spank The Monkey, Don't Kill It
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We were on our way to the Whitsundays, a group of islands in North Queensland, for a 3 day yacht trip! Think turquoise blue water, coral, fish, turtles and white sand beaches.
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Janet Wilson, 62, recalls her childhood as a tough moment in her life.
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In fact it seems that Asian women tend to get angry very fast towards their partner.

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You are curious about the world around you.

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Spanked - definition of spanked by The Free Dictionary
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