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The Mangold Facealyzer is a powerful application that robustly detects human smiles and eye blinks in real time in video streams.
Lab facial expression
Facial Expression Analysis Solutions - iMotions
Facial expression Lab
Facial Expression Analysis with Facealyzer
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Facial expression Lab
Avoid intrusive research methods that introduce bias into reactions.
Lab facial expression
The great precursor carefully examined universal facial expressions and emotions is the American Paul Ekman. Although some of these populations were isolated, the result was that all six basic emotions clearly identified.
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The heatmap below can be used by an intelligent virtual agent to synthesize appropriate facial expressions during a conversation.
Facial expression Lab
Synthesizing Appropriate Facial Expressions — MIT Media Lab
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The mission of the lab is to create new scientific knowledge about the human emotions and their forms of social expression. To this end, the lab has created IT applications and interfaces.
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Facial expressions and movements such as a smile or a nod are used either to fulfill a semantic function, to communicate emotions, or as conversational cues.
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