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Lil Wayne Hit me Right in the sternum this time, T-baby Shit, you already know, you already know You already know, damn, shit This that hustler musik Young Weezy got that motherfucking hustler music So ride to it y'all, vibe to it y'all, damn Verse 1: Lil Wayne Goddamn, Mix done hit a nigga in his head with this one I'ma paint the city red with this one I'm ahead with this one , see you fucking with the boy Who tote toys way before Christmas , no assistance, just That persistence, with that commitment , if I don't get it, somebody gon' die tonight I know my vibe is tight , and I deserve the throne And if the kid ain't right, then let me die on this song See I be riding, just riding alone With my daddy on my mind, like, You gotta be kidding How the hell you ain't here to see your prince do his thing?
Although popular it failed to live up on the Billboard chart to other singles put out by Lil Wayne.
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Bryan Williams, Tristan G.
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - Hustler Musik
Goddamn Missed and hit a nigga in his head with this one I'm gonna paint the city red with this one I'm gonna head with this one See you fucking with the boys who tote toys way before Christmas.

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Lil Wayne – Hustler Musik Lyrics

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