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InDr Martin Cole released the sex education film Growing Up, which was the first non-pornographic film to be released in Britain that featured actual sexual intercourse and scenes of men and women masturbating. The explicitness of this film sent shockwaves across Britain and divided public opinion on the whether the themes explored in this film should be shown to school children. During these debates, the woman who took part in the masturbation sequence, Jennifer Muscutt, was dismissed from her position as a teacher by the Birmingham Education Authority.

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This project analyses the history of sex education in Germany from the s to the end of the s. The project evaluates the extent to which sex education reflected, reinforced and modified gender roles. Furthermore, in the discourse on sex education a number of central social conflicts was brought up.

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For ten years Jack Stevenson has been writing and collating materials on the history and lore of sex cinema. Fleshpota compendium of texts by an international group of experts and cult film personalities including Kenneth Anger and George Kucharis the result. Never before has the world of sex cinema been sampled in such compelling, breathless variety.

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A Sex education curriculum is a sex education program encompassing the methods, materials, and assessments exercised to inform individuals of the issues relating to human sexualityincluding human sexual anatomysexual reproductionsexual intercoursereproductive healthemotional relations, reproductive rights and responsibilities, abstinencebirth controland other aspects of human sexual behavior. Common sex education curricula include an abstinence-only approach, as well as a comprehensive approach, implemented in academia via the Internetpeer education, visual media, games, health care organizations, and school instruction. The purpose of sexuality education curriculum in Europe is to facilitate adolescents to gain knowledge, attitudes, skills and values to make appropriate and healthy choices in their sexual behavior, thus preventing them from sexually transmitted infectionsincluding HIV and HPVteenage or unwanted pregnancies, and from domestic and sexual violencecontributing to a greater society.

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Individual articles are available for purchase via Reprints Desk, click below for more information. Reprints Desk. Access content through your institution by choosing the below option and using your institutional log-in.

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Think back on your sex education growing up. Did you learn about sexual orientation? And did you learn these things in school, an awkward parental conversation, or somewhere else entirely?

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Durham provided the picturesque if wet location for this international conference, organised jointly by Dr. The conference, designed to explore the cultural history of sex education during the twentieth century, attracted fourteen speakers and a range of enthusiastic participants from Europe, North America, Australia and the West Indies, and from a wide variety of disciplines in the humanities, social and health sciences, film studies, education and law. In her keynote paper, Lesley Hall London provided us with her trademark thought-provoking and wide-ranging insights into this comparatively under-studied field - scholars seem to have approached sex education with the same diffidence as teachers.

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Kaspar, 14, and his classmates are immersed in their studies of sex och samlevnad. Sex is pretty private. If you talk about it a lot, it becomes easier.

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