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See More by Mad-But-Happy. Uwe Boll Sucks. Visual Art.

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Published at: Oct. CST by headgeek. This is my first theatrical experience with Dr.

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Uwe Boll is often referred to as "the worst director in the world", both in inflammatory forum or blog posts and in mainstream press articles. But that's patently untrue - it's lazy writing, lazy arguing, lazy thinking, and it's also just plain unfair. There are a lot of things you could accuse Boll of, but being the worst director ever?

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Bloodrayne: The Movie, don't get confused when the movie is set over two centuries before the protagonist is even born. Yet another movie from Boll that has nothing to do with the original game it was "based" on, well I should say that it is loosely based since the similarities end with the title and few character names. Funny thing is that usually if you lose around 10 million dollars you don't get to make another movie, but Uwe Boll is magically again in the directors seat, making anther horrible movie and he is booked for many more movies. Seriously tho.

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Ok before you start with the usual "Uwe Boll sucks, Video game adaptations always suck, etc" give me a chance to explain. It is a rare occasion that I find myself utterly flabbergasted by a movie. You know what I am talking about

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By the law. Has been shot by law enforcement. Ready, and.

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All possible flavors of great Alibi stories, events and deals delivered to your inbox each week. Uwe Boll: The man, the myth Videogame movies do not have a very distinguished reputation. No figure in this field has been the target of more disparagement than German-born cameraslinger Uwe Boll.

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Director Uwe Boll went on an expletive-laden rant on Sunday after his new film struggled to reach its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. Boll is well-known in the film blogosphere for his temper. Inhe famously challenged movie critics to fight him in the boxing ring. Both filmmakers declined.

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Much has been written lately about the life and times of Dr. A big part of the problem with those early pictures was that Boll was trying to make what he thought was a commercial horror or science fiction film, but something literally seemed lost in translation. That, and the fact that Boll is an ace producer but was still trying to to find his footing as a director.

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Now, I'm asking because I want to know why people hate him so much. I've only ever seen one of his movies, In the Name of the King which seems universally agreed to be his worst oneand I just can't see why people hate the movie or the director. Effects are a bit low budget, the film jumps the Lord of the Rings bandwagon and nothing looks incredibly polished, but neither action, pacing or characterization really sucked and all in all it was an enjoyable experience?