Top 10 used cars for teens

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That idea works out only until you all need to be in a different place at the same time. Teenagers don't need a fancy sports car. They just need something safe and reliable that can do the job of getting them around town and maybe see them off to college.

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHSthe risk of a teenage driver being in a fatal crash is nearly triple that of drivers over the age of For maximum protection, the IIHS recommends that parents of teenagers and teen drivers buy or lease a car with electronic stability control and a high safety rating and to stay away from cars with high horsepower. Additionally, the American Automobile Association reports that newer cars tend to be safer for all drivers regardless of age as older cars can often cost more to maintain, get poorer gas mileage, and sometimes lack the safety features available in newer cars.

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Buying your first car is a major step towards independence. However, the process can require quite a bit of paperwork and decision making. This will first help you identify what to look out for when buying your first car, take you through the best cars for new drivers in each segment of the market and then take you through the steps to buying a car for the first time, from finance to insurance.

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Teenaged drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a collision than a person who is age 20 or higher. According to IIHS data, ina total of 1, teenagers died driving a car, riding a motorcycle, or riding in a car driven by a teenager. So you need to get your child the safest possible car to drive.

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The best new and used cars for teens from U. And a report found that more teens are killed by distracted driving than drunk driving. So every one of the vehicles on the Best New Cars for Teens list includes forward collision warning and forward automatic emergency braking, and most of them also have lane departure warnings in case the young driver starts drifting.

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Safety is a priority when it comes to finding a car for your teenager, but cost comes close behind. A brand new car loaded with extra features might seem like the best option, but a used car can be even more safeefficient and cost-effective. Take safety features, for example.

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It's a great feeling when you get your driver's license at age 16, but it's also a great responsibility. When it is time for new drivers to pick out their first car, parents and the teens themselves have to look for maximum reliability, safety, and make sure that the vehicle is cheap to insure. So out of all the options out there, what is the best car for new drivers?

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Typically, the best vehicles for teens are smaller, compact city cars and superminis. Thankfully, their smaller size means they are usually a lot cheaper to buy compared to other cars on the market, like SUVS and estates. Also, compact city cars and superminis tend to be:.

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Driving an inherently safer vehicle is critical for younger drivers. Car crashes, after all, remain the leading cause of death among Americans ages 15 to 19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Each was top-rated for crash protection when new by the the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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Stop into Kenny Ross and test drive any of these vehicles and see what feels right to you. Visit us in person or online to schedule an appointment, or meet with one of our experts who can take you through everything in person so you can leave feeling confident you bought the very best car for your teen. They grow up so fast, right?


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