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According to Aboriginal mythology, the Earth once formless and flat. It remained that way until a giant serpent wriggled and slithered across the land creating the lagoons, gorges, mountains, and rivers. Though Goorialla eventually disappeared into the sea, his eye can still be seen shooting across the night skies.

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Learn about the history of Indigenous weather, season and environment knowledge across Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lived in Australia for at least 50 years, with recent evidence suggesting far earlier human occupation of the Australian continent. Aboriginal people developed unique methods of living which enabled life and community to flourish in even the harshest environments and have allowed the sustained development of the world's oldest continuing culture.

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At the 22nd National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award inI caught sight of a relatively small canvas that from a distance appeared starkly white all over; on closer inspection I saw that the white background was stippled all over with dense black-brown pinpricks of color. Reading the text on the wall brought more surprises. To that point in time, the only art from Mornington that I was familiar with were the semi-naturalistic ceremonial and pastoral scenes painted by Dick Roughsey, who had passed away twenty years earlier, or artifacts like the conical dancing-hats topped with emu feathers and adorned with red-and-white stripes that appeared in the catalogs of specialized Oceanic arts and crafts dealers.

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He inhabits permanent waterholes and controls precious oils and waters. In the middle of the country, the great serpent rested for a while as he was sick. He had eaten one of the great red kangaroos that he considered his to take as he wished.

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There are innumerable names and stories associated with the serpent, all of which communicate the significance and power of this being within Aboriginal traditions. It is viewed as a giver of life, through its association with water, but can be a destructive force if angry. The Rainbow Serpent is one of the most common and well known Aboriginal stories, and is of great importance to Aboriginal society.

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Dick Roughsey ca. Dick was born about on Langu-narnji Island, joined to Mornington Island by a sandbank at low tide, and part of the North Wellesley Islands group in the Gulf of Carpentariahe was given the tribal name Goobalathaldin. His mother, Kuthakin, gave birth to him under a clump of Pandanus palms[2] : 16 his father's name was Kiwarbija.

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Outside the French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel has installed fountains inspired by Arabic calligraphy. An activist and pioneer of indigenous art and culture, he brought the traditional practices of painting on bark to a wider audience in the s. Acrylic on canvas, Cairns Art Gallery Collection.

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We are proud to exhibit a wide range of artistic genres, promoting local and emerging artists alongside experienced well known artists with exhibitions of stunning variety, talent and quality. The Southern Downs produces a fine array of artistic talent. Local painters and potters have contributed to the Gallery as well as well known artists from Queensland and around Australia. If you are unsure how your chosen artwork will look in your home or office, we provide a free onsite consultancy to allow you to view the artwork in place without obligation.

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From pizza shop to bora ground, here is a joyous celebration of food, dance and cultural understanding. Susie is supposed to write about what she wants to be when she grows up. When she has a series of puzzling dreams, Gran encourages her to think about their deeper meaning and Susie soon finds she knows what to write after all.

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View upcoming auction estimates and receive personalized email alerts for the artists you follow. Bonhams New Bond Street Est. Artmark Est.


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