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Post a Comment. Pages Home Buffy Videos. Wednesday, January 16, Eternally Helen of Troy.

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Three goddesses, HeraAthena and Aphroditeclaimed the apple, each thinking herself the fairest. They chose Parisson of Priam, king of Troy, to adjudicate between them and appeared before him as he watched his flocks on the slopes of Mount Ida. Hermes explained to him that he should give the apple to the goddess he considered the fairest, but they tried to buy his judgement with promises.

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By Neal Weaver Dec. It's therefore reasonable that Charles Duncombe's radical rethinking of the material conflates the Trojan War with other recent conflicts, massacres, and genocides—including Kosovo, Vietnam, Darfur, the Gulf wars, etc. Duncombe also tackles many other issues—perhaps too many—related and unrelated.

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Produced in BC during the Peloponnesian Warit is often considered a commentary on the capture of the Aegean island of Melos and the subsequent slaughter and subjugation of its populace by the Athenians earlier that year see History of Milos. The Trojan Women was the third tragedy of a trilogy dealing with the Trojan War. The first tragedy, Alexandroswas about the recognition of the Trojan prince Paris who had been abandoned in infancy by his parents and rediscovered in adulthood.

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The excavations at the site of Troy have in fact uncovered a particularly large number of spindle whorls part of the spindle, using for spinning wool into thread — suggesting that the real women of Troy did spend much of their time spinning, just as Homer describes them. Her husband, father and three brothers were killed before her eyes by Achilles, before she was captured by their killer and forced to serve his bed. Homer presents the women of Troy as much more skilled in the art of war than you might think.

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HECUBA: You Achaeans, who swell with greater pride in your spears than your wits, why were you so frightened of this boy that you committed a murder that has no precedent? Was it in case he might some day restore our fallen city? Your strength amounted to nothing then.

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From the women's quarters in the left wing of the Palace comes a woman in tears. She is not a slave, but one of the personal attendants on the Queen. But now from the house comes one of her women servants, all in tears. What now shall I learn?

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There are dirty blue carpets on the floor and dirty great fluorescent tubes on the ceiling. There are six other people here. There's more, a lot more, about how it feels to be stark-naked on a very small stage, only a few feet from the audience, and what kind of mental contortions it takes to work oneself up to that point. It's touching and it's hilarious.


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