Stories of christians who masturbate

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I have to admit, it helps me cope with sexual frustration. They say that 99 per cent of men masturbate — and the rest are lying! Research shows that 89 per cent of women have masturbated, and over half do it regularly.

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Does the Bible talk about masturbation? Is it a sin? Where can we find Scriptures to know if masturbation is right or wrong?

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Or, to be more accurate, with any sex education at all. Growing up in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, Exum mostly heard that sex was shameful, dirty, and to be avoided until marriage. When she did receive some sex education, it was super basic and focused entirely on reproduction.

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A number of years ago I was really struggling with masturbation a lot more than the average male does. I wanted to stop as I knew it was not pleasing to God. I also wanted to stop in order to clear my mind of the unpure thoughts I was having.

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From the tender age of four, rampant masturbation was my secret shame. I was watching a squirrel eating trash through a window one day in middle school when I learned what masturbation was. I started examining the list, which thus far was the most interesting part of the presentation.

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I want you to know that you're not alone. And I feel as females its even harder to come out and talk about when we face issues like this and ask for help because people like to act like masturbation is something only guys face. But God turned my story around and He delivered me and His hand is not too short to reach out to you and help you.

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Because ethnicity is part of the good of creation, we seek to honor and celebrate the ethnic identity of those with whom we serve as well as those we seek to reach. What does God have to say on the topic of masturbation? Actually, there is one occurrence of a man spilling his seed, but its context has little relevance, relating to inheritance, not sexual immorality, and should not be applied to this issue.

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But many wonder if masturbation is wrong. Clearly, humans are sexual beings. No matter where you live or how you were raised, this is true.

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Lots of Christian leaders have sought in vain to find masturbation mentioned in the Bible. And Old Testament levirate law said that when an Israelite man died childless, his brother needed to marry the widow, impregnate her, and name the first son for the deceased—to give the dead brother a remembered name. Enter surviving brother-in-law, Onan. The point of the story: um, not the evil of coitus interruptus.


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