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This kit dates toand it's less a toy than a kit for serious students and amateurs. Its creator, John Joseph Griffin, wrote a page manual to go with it. Griffin's book, Chemical Recreationsextolled chemistry as "an everlasting source of occupation and amusement.

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A chemistry set is an educational toy allowing the user typically a teenager to perform simple chemistry experiments. The forerunners of the chemistry set were 17th century books on "natural magick", "which all excellent wise men do admit and embrace, and worship with great applause; neither is there any thing more highly esteemed, or better thought of, by men of learning. The earliest chemistry sets were developed in the 18th century in England and Germany to teach chemistry to adults.

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InTopps baseball cards held a contest that awarded a Gilbert Chemistry set to anyone who correctly predicted the scores of two upcoming ballgames. Would the Society have any information that might assist us in our quest? Thank you for your time.

We've posted before about the amazing Atomic Energy Lab kids science kit ofcomplete with radioactive sources. From Collectors Weekly:. InAmerican chemist John J.

The chemistry set had clearly seen better days. Curator Ann Seeger pulls the midth-century Gilbert kit out of a glass-fronted cabinet in the back of a cluttered storeroom at the National Museum of American History and opens the bright blue wooden box, revealing that several bottles of chemicals are missing and some vials have lost their labels. The story of how the chemistry set rose to such prominence and then fell follows the arc of 20th-century America, from its rise as a hub of new commerce to an era of scientific discovery, and reflects the changing values and fears of the American people.

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Description: Certain necklaces, particularly those imported from Mexico, may contain liquid elemental mercury. These necklaces often consist of a beaded chain, cord, or leather strand with a glass pendant or ampoule that contains the elemental mercury. The mercury appears as a silvery clump of liquid that rolls around in the hollow glass pendant.

Photography courtesy of Chemical Heritage Foundation top left, bottom right ; by Dustin Fenstermacher top right, bottom left. But you can still find respectable kits if you know where to look. More importantly, anyone can make their own flaming, fuming, booming DIY chemistry set as good as those from the golden age — or better.

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One set is big, white, and mysterious, the other is smaller but showier. Once you unbuckle the front latches, both the left and right sides fold open. And when we do open the case, we find… a disaster zone! The good news is that all of the chemicals started out in sealed containers, and the vast majority of them do remain intact.

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True story: As a kid, my own father caused an explosion and small fire in his parents' basement while experimenting with his chemistry set. Such results would be nearly impossible to produce with current chemistry sets, which replace acids, explosives, and poisons with nonvolatile ingredients for growing crystals or making long-lasting bubbles. American chemist John J.

To tell our story for this Kickstarter project, we really have to start in Christmas of Like many young scientists of the time, I received a Gilbert Chemistry set. This chemistry set provided me hours of great fun and learning as well as laying the foundation for my future as a research chemist. As I became an adult I wanted to share these types of experiences with my daughter, my nephews and nieces, and friends.


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