Breast pumping too soon

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Breast-feeding is a commitment — and your efforts are worthwhile. If you're pumping, follow simple tips for maintaining your milk supply, from pumping often to drinking plenty of fluids. Breast-feeding is based on supply and demand.

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There are many reasons women pump their breasts to provide milk for their babies. Some are separated from their hospitalized newborns and must pump to provide the many benefits of mothers' milk. Others must return to the workplace but want their babies to continue receiving breast milk.

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Rasmussen led the writing of the article, which was completed jointly with S. Both authors conceptualized ideas, interpreted the literature, and revised drafts of the article. A quiet revolution has been taking place in the feeding of US infants in the form of women using electric breast pumps.

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A serious pregnancy complication sent first-time mom Missy Boss into an emergency cesarean section; by the time she delivered, her blood pressure was at pre-stroke levels. In the 56 hours after coming home from the hospital with her son, Boss never slept. Missy decided to give it a try.

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Having a pumping problem? Many newbie pumping moms and even veteran ones find themselves struggling with pumping at one time or another. The good news?

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Mums are always asking me about the best way to express their breastmilk. There is a huge range of reasons why they want to do this. I am yet to meet a mum who loves to pump — you have to deal with all the bottle and pump-part-washing and fiddling around, and then it takes double the time to get the milk out and feed it to the baby.

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Milk supply normally varies somewhat throughout the day and over weeks and months. Mothers who pump more milk per session may have an oversupply of milk, or may respond better than average to the pump, or may have been able to increase pump output with practice. Many mothers think that they should be able to pump ounces per pumping session, but even 4 ounces is a rather large pumping output for a mom who is breastfeeding full-time.

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I typed frantically, my eyes constantly darting between the screen and my chest. I had stayed late at work that night and was on deadline for a story. I was worried about ME, or more specifically, the two milk bombs hanging from my chest. Were they about to explode?

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It used to be that when friends, colleagues, or excited relatives asked an expectant mom what was on her list of needed new baby supplies, they were inquiring about diapers, blankets and booties. Over the last several years, however, I've noticed something else making its way up the list of must-have baby equipment: a breast pump. In fact, in the past six months, I have attended the baby showers of three clients, and at each party the expectant mom was pumped for information about her pump preferences, followed by a wider-ranging discussion of pump makes and models, renting versus owning, the emotional impacts of pumping "Sometimes I feel like a one-woman dairy farm," one new mom confessed to her pregnant friendand how to store pumped milk.

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I learned this the hard way with my past little ones. Let your milk supply regulate naturally first for the first few weeks, then start pumping if possible. If you start too early it can lead to oversupply, engorgement and mastitis not to mention those yucky green poops from baby due to lack of hindmilk. Not fun.


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