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Each of us has days when we arrive home tired and cranky, wake up on the wrong side of bed, or get stuck in a conflict with our partner. Rather than waiting until you drift apart, couples can proactively build love by bonding twice a day through practices that Western Tantra teachers Charles and Caroline Muir call "Minute Connects. Here are three such techniques.

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A Tantric position by excellence, it has the advantage of facilitating just like the "squat" positions the control of the sexual energy. Holding his spine straight the man gets the woman in his arms while introducing his lingam in her yoni, and she sits on him holding him by the shoulders and crossing her legs around his torso, letting herself penetrated with voluptuousness. Due to this detail, this posture that the woman adopts is called "the action of the liana": latasadhana.

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The truth is that sex, especially if you are in a long-term relationship, needs an erotic kick-in-the-butt every once in a while. Or, perhaps your sex life is all roses and butterflies but you are looking to add a new layer of excitement. Sacred sex is often associated with Tantra.

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What are they? How are they different from the usual sex positions? Can you explain how to do some?

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Yab Yum Sex Position The yab yum is one of my favourite sex positions…. Begin by having your man sit on a firm, flat surface bed, massage table, etc. Have him loosely cross his legs into a standard sitting position also known as the half-lotus position.

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By Dr. Ava Cadell. Tantra goes all the way back to the ancient language of Sanskrit which is originally from India and offers sensual and enlightening terminology.

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Her lover sits between her calves, crosses her legs placing her feet on his chest and then penetrates her deeply. Embracing his beloved and supporting himself with his knees and fingertips on the ground, the man can move easily both passionately and at a slow but firm pace. For this reason, the woman can live the cervico-uterine orgasm in this position, a type of orgasm that few women can experience.

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In honor of Pride Month, our sexpert Gigi Engle is helping lesbian couples spice things up in the bedroom with 14 of the best lesbian sex positions. Prepare to up the ante on your sex life, guaranteed. Have your partner lie on her back, propping her elbows underneath her to tilt her pelvis forward. Lean in on your hands and knees or stomach to go down on her.

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Plenty of couples are seeking ways to re-ignite the passion in the bedroom and Tantric sex is a good example. Tantric sex is a slow form of intercourse which is believed to increase intimacy and create a mind-body connection. Build sexual tension with some skin-to-skin contact and make sure you get up as close as possible.

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Despite a growing awareness of the ancient practice of tantra, it remains mysterious and intimidating to the uninitiated. If you want to try it out without having to take a day off work, here are three basic sex positions even absolute beginners can do. The main difference between tantric sex and regular sex is the attitude with which you approach it.


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