Sexual education and abortion

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This article gives a review of the main factors that are related to the low abortion rate in the Netherlands. Attention is payed to figures on abortion and the use of contraceptive methods since the beginning of the s up to the end of the s. The strong acceptance of family planning was influenced by changing values regarding sexuality and the family, the transition from an agricultural to a modern industrial society, rapid economic growth, declining influence of the churches on daily life, introduction of modern mass media and the increased general educational level.

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Jump to navigation. One of the barriers to covering pregnancy options in a school RSE programme is a lack of teacher confidence on the subject. By the end of secondary school, pupils should know:.

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All human generations previous to our own, and all known human societies besides our own, have understood that sex had to be controlled; and they have therefore maintained in place moral and legal checks and sanctions aimed at insuring the necessary control of the powerful and unruly human sexual drive for the good of both society and the individuals in it. Our plan to liberate sex by means of contraception and sex education has now manifestly failed. Supreme Courts Roe v.

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Abortions in the U. Despite this, in19 states passed more than 60 restrictions on abortion. And is starting to offer more of the same: Kentucky passed a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks and Arkansas just passed a law that allows a man to stop his wife from having an abortion if he is the father of the fetus.

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But the topic of abortion remains absent from most programs, even in places where abortion is legal. Ipas works with global, national and local institutions to advocate for the inclusion of accurate, non-biased information on abortion in comprehensive sexuality education programs. Plus, we seek to help governments uphold their obligation to provide comprehensive information on sexual and reproductive health to all young people.

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Five million women are hospitalised each year due to abortion-related complications. Cases like this can lead to infections, infertility and death. The improved access to contraception and sex education that Rutgers campaigns for will reduce the need for abortion services, but safe, legal abortion will always be necessary.

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Teenage pregnancy rates in Kazakhstan are high, with births inmuch higher than during the Soviet period. This has forced many young people to resort to illegal and unsafe abortions or abandon their new-born children. The proposed legislative changes are supported by the Convention on the Rights of the Childespecially General Comment No.

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In Ohio, Rep. In Alabama, Rep. These lawmakers desperately need a sex education crash-course. Unfortunately, so do students across the country.

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G eorge Monbiot's argument against the Catholic church's stance on abortion and contraception is wrong on virtually every point Face facts, Cardinal. Our awful rate of abortion is partly your responsibility, February There is a large amount of evidence that easier access to contraception has very little impact on the number of abortions.

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It is well documented that outlawing abortion does not end the practice. A better approach would recognize that demand for abortion services is often the culmination of a series of systemic failures that begin during childhood. KISUMU, KENYA — Opposition to abortion is so intense that even where women have the legal right to terminate their pregnancy, it can be extremely difficult to access the services needed to exercise that right.


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