Retinopathy of prematurity treatment for adults

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A mini-symposium published in the Journal of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus AAPOS provides important insights into new techniques and treatments that show promise for eliminating retinopathy of prematurity ROP throughout the world. ROP is an eye disorder that potentially results in blindness primarily affecting premature infants. This disorder, which usually develops in both eyes, is one of the most common causes of visual loss in childhood and can lead to lifelong vision impairment and blindness.

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An abnormal vitreous and aberrant vitreoretinal traction are significantfactors in the development of cicatricial changes and poor outcomes in neonateswith retinopathy of prematurity. Late complications of retinopathy of prematurity ie, retinal tears or rhegmatogenous retinal detachment have also been describedand these, too, can be attributed to an abnormal vitreoretinal relationship. Tangential vitreoretinal traction wasspeculated to result in cystoid macular edema or compromised photoreceptorswith resulting pigmentary disturbances and visual deterioration.

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By Mrinali Patel Gupta, M. Retinopathy of prematurity ROP is a disease of the retina that can occur in premature babies. The retina is the thin, light-sensitive tissue that lines the inside surface of the eye.

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This growth can cause the retina to detach from the back of the eye, leading to blindness. Some cases of ROP are mild and correct themselves, but others require surgery to prevent vision loss or blindness. Surgery involves using a laser or other means to stop the growth of the abnormal blood vessels, making sure they don't pull on the retina.

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Retinopathy of prematurity ROP is a vascular disease of the developing preterm retina that results in abnormal blood vessel formation at the boundary of the vascularised and avascular peripheral retina. The normal process of retinal development is for vessels to grow from the optic disc to the periphery of the retina between 20 weeks and term. In preterm infants, this process may be disrupted with temporary arrest of vessel growth.

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Retinopathy of prematurity ROP is a potentially blinding eye disease. The increasing survival rate of premature infants over the past 40 years has significantly increased the number of adults currently living with retinal abnormalities caused by ROP. However, patients with regressed ROP may develop a multitude of late complications in adulthood.

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With laser treatment, the ophthalmologist uses a laser to burn away the edge of the retina. With freezing treatment cryotherapythe surgeon uses a freezing cold instrument to destroy part of the retina. Both of these treatments target very specific parts of the retina to try to stop abnormal blood vessel growth. These problems may be treated by:.

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Purpose: : The sequelae of retinopathy of prematurity ROP are blindness and visual disabilities. To prevent those problems, photocoagulation and cryotherapy are broadly accepted today. Especially in Japan, photocoagulation treatment was accepted earlier than in other countries.

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Retinopathy of prematurity ROP is an eye disorder caused by abnormal blood vessel growth in the light sensitive part of the eyes retina of premature infants. ROP generally affects infants born before week 31 of pregnancy and weighing 2. In most cases, ROP resolves without treatment, causing no damage.


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