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POP princess Britney Spears is "beside herself" after discovering sex tapes were stolen from her Beverly Hill home, it has been alleged. The singer - who is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment at Los Angeles' UCLA Medical Centre - is said to be terrified that "valuable items" taken from her mansion, included X-rated footage of her taking drugs and having sex. She's on the edge because all her secrets could now be revealed.

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Looks like Britney fans will have stick with Chaotic if they're itching to watch the star on grainy videotape. Ghalib is also playing hard to get. His cell phone number is disconnected.

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The biopic's plot point about Spears allegedly getting robbed and having an alleged sensitive tape go missing in the robbery may have caught longtime fans of the pop stars off guard — because there's absolutely no evidence that such a tape is real. Bustle reached out to both Britney Spears' and Justin Timberlake's reps for comment and to Lifetime about the choice of including the scene, but has not heard back at this time. Bustle also previously reached out to Spears' reps about her thoughts on the film in general but did not hear back.

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Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site. By breadfanOctober 5, in General Discussion. Will somebody explain to me why one of her "employees" has a copy

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Just when Britney seemed to be getting her life back on track, 3am hears that she has got back with Brummie snapper Adnan Ghalib as sex tape rumours start to circulate. Just when she seemed to be getting her life back on track, we hear the most shocking news of all - she has gone back with her old flame, Brummie snapper Adnan Ghalib. He has been spotted making regular visits to see her in her gated estate in the Hollywood Hills, where she lives with her dad, who became her custodian after a legal order earlier this year.

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A judge has dismissed a libel suit brought by Britney Spears accusing Us Weekly magazine of fabricating a story about a sexually explicit video the pop star and her husband made together. In a decision made public on Monday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Hart Cole found no basis for Spears to prevail on her claim that the magazine article about her was defamatory. New parents have a new worry: racy footage from

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Meanwhile, Britney is escaping media attention for a few days by going on holiday with her father — and Mel Gibson and his wife. The unlikely pair were first spotted together back in mid-March when they dined at Russian restaurant Romanov in Studio City. Home News Celebrity News.

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There's been a new onslaught of celebrity sex tapes and pics from hackers who supposedly snagged them through iCloud. The once-troubled pop star has been undergoing a slow but steady reinvention in recent years, anchored by regular performing gigs and a solid and sexy Instagram presence that promotes positivity, fitness, and how amazing she looks in bikinis. RadarOnline broke the news about the tape —which they viewed but chose to not publish—and indicated its leak may have a detrimental effect on Britney's stability.

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Just a day after Spears announced plans for her first world tour sinceher Birmingham-born former partner Adnan Ghalib confirmed rumours that a Britney sex tape exists and that he would sell it for the right price. However, the paparazzo photographer refused to discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries telling Heat magazine: "Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further. I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.

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Last week, it was reported that celebrities such as Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and Demi Lovato had been hacked as part of what the internet was calling the ' Fappening 2. On strictly moral and not professional grounds, I haven't scoured the net for proof but the details are pretty to the point, not to mention weird. The reports are that there is a copy of the sex tape starring mother-of-two Spears, 35, which has conveniently not been published. Apparently, the pop singer can be seen topless and smoking a joint while 'gyrating on top of a secret lover'.


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