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As far back as I can recall I have found a fascination with the lands that are kissed by the salty waves of the Mediterranean. The golden glamour of Egypt, the mystery that is Marrakesh, the fallen heroes of Hellas, and the place where God met man in so many different languages, but of all these lands one claimed my heart when I was very young. There in the middle sea stretching down from Europe toward Africa like an exquisite Ferragamo boot is Italy.

As requested, here it is! The ladies are here. The same showergel and aftershave add to the longevity - an important point for a man aware of the power of scent.

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Gold, she was completely covered in gold…. At the foot of the black fiberglass beast a line of men with highly oiled skin shuffled past in leather loincloths to their appointed place where the huge ropes waited to be lifted and hauled, their number was in the hundreds. Ahead of them stood the unfinished back of the Arch of Constantine, set historically at the wrong place at the wrong time a construction of pipes, scaffolding and plaster of Paris which had been standing a year already just waiting for this day.

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After my Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme review posted last week, many men wrote me at my Now Smell This email address "confessing" their love for L'Homme; these men were unwilling to "admit" their admiration for L'Homme in my review's comments section because I called the fragrance "standard-issue men's perfume. Perfume addicts are inclined to enjoy categories of scents: ambers, vanilla fragrances, rose perfumes, mossy aldehydes If I come across a fragrance full of lemon, orange, petitgrain, a hint of vetiver and wood — chances are good I'll enjoy it, even if there are other fragrances that smell pretty much the same.

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Availability: Available. Delivery within: working days. Shipping : from 5.

The only thing that confuses me about this is how you discern between them after trying too many. My nostrils get confused! Did I tell you that Tim picked my fragrance that I wear?

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Bright colors, sugar skulls, and papel picado adorn this limited edition label. The fresh Calaca Sage fragrance is a wearable reminder of the burning sage that is ever-present while walking between altars at a Day of the Dead festival. This exclusive Original Hold Fall Pomade is just a new fragrance in the original formula you know and love. This pomade will work the same as your other original hold Suavecito pomade, providing you with a medium, all-day hold that washes out with water.

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Diesel Green Cologne by Diesel, Top notes of fresh aromatic ginger and lime. Middle notes are floral orange blossom, orris, carnation, rose, cinnamon and jasmin. Base notes are cedarwood, musk, amber, sandalwood and vanilla.


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