Making a starter strip for roofing

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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. We explain the purpose of this cellophane strip.

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Before you can begin setting asphalt shingles on you roof, you must install a row of starter shingles. These shingles are instrumental in making sure the asphalt shingles are correctly laid out on your roof. If these first shingles are not installed correctly, there will be problems with the entire set of shingles.

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Everyone wants perfectly aligned shingles covering their shingle starter strips. The first step in making this happen is to properly install the shingle starter strips. Once these are in place, you are on your way to a perfect looking roof.

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One of these materials is starter shingle. Starter shingle should be installed around ALL edges of your roof. To meet code, technically it only needs to be installed on the bottom eaves, but there are some big benefits to installing it up the rake edges as well also known as gable edges. This is to prevent water from seeping through the seams between each shingle and into your home.

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Not only does the three-dimensional design enhance the look of the roof, but the extra thickness of the shingles provides additional weather protection. These designer roof shingles resist high winds, harsh impact and extreme weather conditions. StormMaster Shake also features Scotchgard Protector to defend against those dark, dingy streaks that appear on roofs due to algae.

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For an overview on changing the roof or roof covering on a house and special information on Mansard roof shingles -- follow this link. If you put the first row of shingles on the edge of the roof just like all the rest, you will see the bare roof deck through the cracks between the shingles. Many self-taught roofers follow the wrong technique of installing the first row backwards, with the tabs pointing up the roof to get a continuous strip of roofing under the first set of tabs.

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Successful roof projects require that the roofer follows the correct application methods. Most importantly, every minor mistake can cause leakage. Every roof repair contributes to decreased lifespan of your roof and it can be quite expensive as well!

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Learn the techniques and workflow for laying the most common type of shingle, the 3-tab asphalt shingle. The 3-tab asphalt shingle, also called a composition or fiberglass shingle, is the most common type of shingle. Other composition shingles, such as architectural and random cutouts, are installed using most of the same techniques.

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Installing new shingles yourself can save considerable time and money, and you can follow the same steps they do to achieve the same professional look. Re-doing the shingles on your roof can help keep your house in good shape, keeping your family safe and protected from the elements. Learn to prepare the roof for shingles, lay even courses, and install your ridge shingles like the experts do.

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Shingling is a notoriously hot and exhausting job, and working alone is a chore for anyone. It's usually easier, faster and safer to work with a partner. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about working on the roof, don't.


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