Lingerie for differeent body types

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This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and buy something, Dressing Room 8 will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you. The importance of the right undergarments can never be overstated.

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Scroll below to find three great looks for apples, pears, bananas and hourglasses too. With the addition of three separate pieces that are made with all bodies in mind that, essentially, any women can adorn herself with inside the bedroom. Pair this look with a beautiful, full-coverage bra for a balanced, minimizing look.

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Show less Finding the right lingerie for your body shape can be challenging! You can choose styles, shapes, and fabrics that accentuate what you love about your figure.

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We've all been there: the lingerie you ordered online is in the right size, but it just doesn't flatter your figure. And even if you're shopping in-store, sometimes it's hard to know what to buy to accentuate what you want to show and hide what you want to cover. That's why we've created this quick and painless guide to finding the best lingerie for body type.

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Your briefs are perhaps the most important item of clothing you put on each day. An ill-fitting pair of panties can destroy your comfort for the day, not to mention have you self-conscious of any conspicuous underwear line. The best briefs are the ones that are imperceptible under your garments.

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To figure out your body type, grab a tape measure and measure around your shoulders, bust the fullest partwaist smallest partand hips right below the hip bone. Hourglass: Shoulder and hip measurements are the same, with a defined smaller waist. With a rectangle body shape, most things are going to fit you well, so try a little bit of everything.

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Women come in many shapes and sizes, and we adore them all. However, the varying body proportions can make it incredibly dreadful to shop for the perfect undergarments that flatter the body. Over time, women have almost aced shopping for the basics like bra and panties.

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Getting the fit right in lingerie is very important. However ascertaining the right bra size is not everything. Our Lingerie Stylists will not only ensure you leave our store with lingerie that fits to perfection, but she'll ask you questions about your lifestyle, your wardrobe, your likes and your dislikes. Then she'll work with you to select the pieces that will perfectly suit your shape and your personal style.

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What is the one piece in your closet that makes you feel fantastic every time you put it on? It might be a power suit, a great pair of jeans, your favorite soft T-shirt or sweater. Whatever it is, this particular piece of clothing is pretty much magic.

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Not everyone can look perfect in each piece of lingerie put in front of them. In order to truly flatter yourself, you also need to think about which of your assets you value most and want to properly accentuate. This means that you have a smaller upper body build. This does not mean that you necessarily are small busted; it just means that you have a smaller top that tapers out.