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Lesuk, Delmar, NY. Did you know that the Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed and doctor recommended treatment used to fix a bent penis is also the 1 Natural Method? It is.

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Peyronie's disease is when you have a curved or bent penis. It is caused by scar tissue forming along the shaft of the penis. This causes painful erections and a bend or curve, usually about halfway along the penis.

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Depending on where the plaque is located, the penis will bend up, down, or to the side. In some cases, men who are related tend to develop the disease, which means the disease may be inherited. This may have existed before the onset of penile curvature due to vascular disease or diabetes among other things, or it can be caused by stress from having the disease.

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And, it scares most of us terribly because our penis looks, and possible feels, horrible! But, there is nothing to cure here. Just some scarring to stretch and lengthen.

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Medical treatments can be systemic colchicine, potassium aminobenzoate, vitamin Eintralesional steroids, verapamil, collagenase, interferonsor topical. Regardless of the surgical procedure, the patient should be made aware of the inherent risks of surgery. The disease remains, however, an entity imperfectly understood, without a cure, and with a treatment limited only to those severely disabled men who are willing to accept significant complications.

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The fibrotic lesions reduce penile tissue elasticity and can result in penile curvature, painful erections, constrictions hour-glass deformityloss of length or girth and erectile dysfunction. Trauma to the penis is one of the most common causes of PD and can result during regular sexual intercourse when the penis bends or is struck severely, leading to scar tissue formation or plaques. These plaques can decrease normal tissue elasticity with the resultant changes in penile appearance.

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Millions of men seek help from medical specialists, having faced issues caused by a curved penis. A man is suffering from a penile curvature regularly experiences insecurities regarding his sexual abilities. Along with this, he has to deal with the issue of small penis size.

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The cause is not yet understood fully, but it sometimes occurs after an injury to the penis when erect or it may run in families. If you do get pain, it may get better over time. However, in severe cases, the curve in the penis can make having sex difficult, painful or even impossible.

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Even the medical community has found it more helpful in correcting Peyronies Disease a bent penis caused by scar tissue than the entire arsenal of patent chemical drugs and other medical therapies that have been tried. These other therapies include Potaba a B vitamin derivativeinjections into the plaque steroids, calcium channel blockers, collagenase, interferonsultrasound and radiation therapy. What's more: E vitamin deficiency can be a cause of Peyronies disease. This makes total sense when you understand that this nutrient makes tissues softer and more supple.


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