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Study on the performance of ceramic composite projectile penetrating into ceramic composite target HOME Study on the performance of ceramic composite projectile penetrating into ceramic composite target. Study on the performance of ceramic composite projectile penetrating into ceramic composite target. Accepted Manuscript Study on the performance of ceramic composite projectile penetrating into ceramic composite target Rongcheng Yi, Likui Yin, Jianru

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Through an analysis on the relationship among ceramic properties, the depth of penetration DOP test parameters and the ballistic performance of armour ceramics based on literatures, the effects of ceramic type, tile thickness and projectile velocity on the ballistic performance of different kinds of ceramics were investigated systematically. The results show that the ballistic performance of different armour ceramics mainly depends on its density, and by using thin ceramic tiles or under high velocity impact, the ceramic composite armour could not provide effective ballistic protection. Furthermore, the differences in the ballistic performance of armour ceramic are found due to the different ballistic performance criteria and DOP test conditions.

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The new type PbTiO3 based ceramic conductive powders were prepared with a special technology, gaseous penetration, which is making rare earth La penetrate into PbTiO3 powders in the gaseous state at high temperature. Through XRD analysis, it is found that there are some new compounds such as LaTiO3 and LaTi3O49 formed after penetration of La, which indicates that the gaseous penetration made La element enter PbTiO3 powders and the complex reactions took place during the penetration process. Through SEM, it can be deduced that the rare earth elements occupied the atom vacancies, formed the new phases and made the grains of La-penetrated PbTiO3 based powders become smaller and finer with less pores and appeared as dispersing structure.

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After the unit has been ready, but before press the "ON" key, you can press the "A" key delay key three times to check the number of exposure, and press any key to return back. Working Principle This machine is composed of intelligent controller-ray generator, power cable and connecting cable. The controller will consist of the following sections: Front Panel: LED display, status and failure indicator, touch keyboards see the introduction of control panel Side Panel: power cable socket and connecting cable socket, power switch,key switch, fuse socket, warning lamp and wire connecting terminal of door-machine interlock. Internal Circuit : power circuit, rectifying circuit, filter circuit, inverter circuit, control circuit and other circuited.

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The ceramic particle volume fraction varies from layer to layer along the armor thickness while ceramic particles total volume fraction remains unchanged. Four different ceramic particles distribution armors with the same total volume fraction are simulated. And the effects of the two power-law function types on the penetration of functionally graded material armor are investigated.

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Do tests to study anti-penetration performance of ceramic multi-layer composite medium structure with simulation method of a shrinking model and analyze its mechanism. The result shows that ceramic composite layers, which are composed by glass reinforced plastic materials and ceramic materials, obviously consume quality and kinetic energy of penetrating shot body. And the smaller biting angle of shot body is, the more serious damage of structure will be.

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Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy, and Materials. The ceramic particles were gradient distributed in the Al 0.

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If the unit get out of control in the states of exposure and aging, such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and under-current,etc. Press" OFF "key for clearing the trouble after you confirm the trouble type, and then try it again. When the tube head temperature is too high and overtemperature indicator OV is flashing, now all keys are unworkable,exposure can be taken again when the temperature return to normal and the unit return to ready state automatically. If time stops and displays in confusions,power supply must be cut off immediately and check up the voltage,gas pressure of the generator,air humidity and cables connection,after informing it being normal, the machine can be turned on again.

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Ceramic particles reinforced metal matrix functional gradient armor is a terrific protective material for helicopter gunship armor to gain light weight and improve anti-penetration performance. However, the anti-penetration mechanism is still not understood. In view of this fact, this paper aims to investigate the penetration mechanism of functional gradient armor.

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HIGHBORN has always been a defining force in the sale and fabrication of quartz glass within the semi-conductor, chemical, solar Energy and precise ceramics within semi-conductorsolar energy, textile, electronic, and laser industries. Not only have we mastered the fabrication technology, our strength has always been based around listening to and understanding our customer's requirements and expectations. Continuous improvement in all areas of our business is key to our growth. What is equally important to us is maintaining in business, our inherent family values of trust, faimess and respect to our employees, suppliers and customers.


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