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At work we start to see a ton of bachelorette parties around this time of year and into the summer. One was apparently being a diva all yesterday and screaming and sobbing at all of the employees. Last night she came back and couldn't even walk or keep her head up.

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I was the maid of honor and I planned the most extravagant party: penis straws, penis suckers, sashes that had 'bride' and 'bridesmaids' bedazzled across the front, you name it! With the cliche bachelorette party decorations comes the cliche bachelorette party strippers. My friend loved them and it was all in good fun.

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Most bachelor and bachelorette parties are fun get-togethers with friends or family. There's usually some drinking, some debauchery, but nothing too life-altering or notable. Some others though, well

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Needless to say, things got really bad. What's even worse is that it was the night before my wedding. Don't ever do that. Anyway, these strippers were gorgeous, hard-bodied, and HUNG like donkeys much bigger than my fiancee.

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IMAGE giphy. And not just any stripper, mind you. I wanted a foreigner.

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Not a party but the rehearsal dinner. She quickly jumps back, surprised and upset. His son came over and both his dad and fiance acted as if nothing.

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Bachelorette parties are known for getting wild and crazy. But no one expects something as crazy to happen as what these women confessed in this Whisper posts. These women all shared their stories of getting pregnant after attending a Bachelorette party.

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Instead of celebrating a bachelor party, maybe grooms-to-be should commemorate their final days of singledom by sitting quietly in their homes with a cup of tea. The bachelor hooks up with a girl and gives her his cell phone number so they can continue the party that night. The bride-to-be is sitting at home with the iPad getting all of the iMessages from the girl. She canceled the wedding that day.

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However, it can sometimes get out of hand; enough to maybe ruin the whole marriage. Check out some of the craziest stories from best mans, strippers, and even the brides and grooms themselves! Which was fine, but when he did, he left out the part about the stripper we hired to ride in the bus with us and entertain between stops.

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Remingtons Men of Steel is the only fully licensed male strip club in downtown Toronto, and within the last decade, it has made some changes to its previous clientele rules that only allowed men: It began allowing female customers "to help pay the bills," according to Bruce, a bartender who has worked there for 21 years. Since the change in clientele, the venue on Yonge Street has hosted countless bachelorette parties—and with those, its staff has accumulated a number of ridiculous stories. Whether you can blame the unrealistic expectations set by Magic Mike or the unpreparedness of women who attend a male strip club for the first time as part of a bridal party, one thing seems to be certain: Their etiquette tends to be not quite on par with their male counterparts. A bridal party in its natural habitat, a booze-filled limousine.


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