Asian water monitor lizard

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The most common monitor lizard among the three found in Singapore is the Malayan water monitor Varanus salvator that can grow up to 3m long. Monitor lizards are mostly carnivorous; some also scavenge on carrion. It can be found in forests, mangrove swamps, and even man-made canals!

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A Florida family is afraid to use their swimming pool — and with good reason. Earlier this week, the family spotted a giant monitor lizard the size of an adult human lurking on their property. Parents Zack and Maria Lieberman told reporters that the lizard was so big, they feared for the safety of their two young children.

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Varanus salvator occurs throughout much of southern Asia, from India in the west to the Philippines and the Indo-Australian islands in the east. Varanus salvator is semi-aquatic and has a wide range of habitats. They are frequently seen on river banks and in swamps.

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Binomial name: Varanus salvatorJosephus Nicolaus Laurenti The water monitor Varanus salvator is a large lizard native to South and Southeast Asia. Water monitors are one of the most common monitor lizards found throughout Asia, and range from Sri Lanka and India to Indochina, the Malay Peninsula, and various islands of Indonesia, living in areas close to water. The species can survive where other large carnivores cannot, as they are cold-blooded hence efficient.

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Asian water monitors Varanus salvator are truly majestic and intelligent lizard giants, earning them a loyal following in the reptile trade. Here we hope to contribute to quality husbandry with reptile supply recommendations and tips. Captive breeding of the Asian water monitor has resulted in a range of unique species sporting differing colorations.

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The LKWS offers an excellent landscape model to understand how different animal species adapt to commercial crops -associated fragmented landscapes and to elucidate solutions or alternatives for a sustainable land management by offering scientific information that can be used for the action plans in terms of wildlife conservation. The Asian water monitor lizard V. Despite the high level of extraction to satisfy the international pet and skin trade, the wild populations seem to be stable.

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This page tells the story of Varanus salvator, the Asian Water Monitor lizard, which today is one of the most readily accessible large reptiles on this planet - an animal which can be seen in many locations of southeast Asia where water is abundant. We look at the creature's life history, its habits and physical appearance. This article refers specifically to the water monitors to be found in a large public park in Bangkok, Thailand, where they form a memorable and unusual tourist attraction.

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Here is the detailed information of Asian Water Monitor scientific name, category, average lifespan, characteristics, facts, habitat, diet, venom, reproduction, bite etc. Scroll this page down to get more details about this. Asian Water Monitor is also known as the common water monitor or water monitor. It is a large lizard which often found in south and Southeast Asia.

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The water monitors native home is based out of South Asia. These animals are true dinosaurs. They have been around for over millions of years, long before humans ever came around.

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The Water Monitor is a species of giant monitor lizard found in parts of South and Southeast Asian countries. These semi-aquatic reptiles are common throughout their distribution range and prefer living in humid or areas close to a water body. This species is specially dangerous and is said to be unsafe for humans in certain situations. Size: Adult males can reach up to 9 feet, while the adult females are much smaller almost half the size of the malesreaching up to feet, with this being their sexual dimorphism.


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